Gartner SOC Model Guide: Find the Security Operations Center Model That Best Fits Your Needs

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Strong, resilient security operations require the proper melding of people, technology, and processes to achieve the goal of reducing the likelihood and impact of cyberthreats. The right security operations center (SOC) will strengthen the overall security resiliency of an organization. The wrong one will tax your team—leading to mistakes, breaches, and losses. 

Gartner® SOC Model Guide 

Leading analyst Gartner explores the differences between SOC model options and offers advice on how to select the right solution for your organization in the Gartner SOC Model Guide.1 

Most security leaders probably think of a SOC model as something that involves a physical location. A centralized hub in a space on-site, operated under an industry-standard framework. But in a post-pandemic world this model is no longer the norm.

According to the Gartner SOC Model Guide, “Security and risk management (SRM) leaders realized, via a forcing function, that they can deliver security operations (SecOps) and SOC functions without a physical location and with nonstandard methods and processes.”  

As COVID-19 continues to play an outsize role in both our personal and professional lives, the security industry continues to rethink and reassess security methods and operations. There is no one-size-fits-all-business SOC model. Each must be carefully calibrated to account for the individual business’ industry, risk tolerance, maturity level and the skill and expertise of its security team.

This customized SOC model is much more capable of the kind of focused threat detection and response needed in this world of constantly evolving and ever-increasing cyberattacks. 

In other words, alignment between a SOC model and an organization’s security operations capabilities and business needs is central to its success. 

In fact, Gartner estimates that, “By 2025, 33% of organizations that currently have internal security functions will attempt and fail to build an effective internal SOC due to resource constraints, such as lack of budget, expertise and staffing.” 

Read the Gartner SOC Model Guide for expert guidance on the security operation center model selection process, including: 

  • What to inventory when identifying organizational security operations capabilities and limitations 
  • Considerations for each of the three core SOC model types 
  • Questions and actions to take when assessing a SOC’s model and efficiency 
  • Recommendations and best practices for on-going evaluation of SOC model performance 

Download the Gartner SOC Model Guide today and learn what to look for—and what to avoid—in your SOC model solution. 

1Gartner®, SOC Model Guide, 19 October 2021, John Collins, Mitchell Schneider, Pete Shoard.

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