Inside the Wolf Den: A Unique Perspective from the Frontlines of Security Operations

July 15, 2020

Arctic Wolf hosted a virtual event on July 9 to answer important questions surrounding cybersecurity’s effectiveness problem. 

Con Mallon, VP of Product Marketing, moderated while posing important questions to Arctic Wolf’s CEO and Co-founder, Brian NeSmith, and Arctic Wolf’s VP of Sales Engineering, Lane Roush. 

Breaches Continue to Grow

For decades, businesses have devoted increasing effort and budget to progressively sophisticated security tools. Their reward? Breaches keep growing, year over year. 

Where those breaches are occurring is changing. A recent report released by Sophos stated 70% of organizations have fallen victim to public cloud incidents in the last 12 months. Arctic Wolf’s reaction? We are not surprised. With the adoption of the Cloud, companies must consider that securing Cloud workloads is different than on-premises and be aware that most of these breaches are leveraging misconfigurations in cloud infrastructure. Many companies are facing the challenge of not having enough expertise and a lack of visibility at a time when their perimeter is morphing and changing as they adapt to a remote workforce and rapid adoption of Public and Private Cloud.

NeSmith mentioned companies only have to make one mistake and only in a moment in time, so we must be perpetually diligent in order to stay on top of security. 

Signs of Optimism

Until there is a dramatic reduction in breaches, we cannot be too self-congratulatory. There appears to be reductions in 'mean time to detect,’ which is a good thing, but again, we are still measuring this in days and weeks; and that is simply not good enough. Speed is key. We know that adversaries, be they nation-state or eCrime, are operating in 'minutes and hours'. Too often and for too long organizations have been operating in days, weeks, and months.

More organizations are finding breaches by themselves rather than being made aware of them by law-enforcement and third parties. Arctic Wolf thinks that speaks to the investments that are being made in better detection technologies.

You don’t have a tools problem. You have an operations problem.

All organizations know they need better security, but the dizzying array of options leave resource-constrained IT and security leaders wondering how to proceed. IBM highlighted in a recent report that organizations have an average of 45 security solutions and technologies in use. An axiom of cybersecurity is that complexity is the enemy of security. We see this day in and day out as we engage with customers struggling against this backdrop. The old approach hasn’t worked, because the cybersecurity challenge isn’t product failures. It’s operational failures. 

These failures to prevent attacks and breaches now requires organizations to adopt a new, fresh approach to cybersecurity by focusing on security operations. 

The Answer is Security Operations

We are focused on helping organizations achieve effective Security Operations by solving the operational issues they are experiencing. At Arctic Wolf we see Security Operations as the practice of integrating people, process, intelligence, and technology to proactively identify vulnerabilities, detect, and remediate incidents and breaches, while continually reducing the risk of cyber threats to an organization.

We can help. Arctic Wolf can take you through the steps you need to take to create a security plan. Find out how our Concierge Security® Team can help boost your security posture. 

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