Five Worst IT Security Jobs

April 23, 2014 Arctic Wolf Networks

As a manager, assigning rewarding projects and seeing employee success is one the fun parts of managing people. The converse is assigning jobs you know are a grind, with employees getting the sense of being punished. For IT security we surveyed both managers and individual contributors to create a list of the five worst IT security jobs.

1. SIEM Management – They are a beast to administrate, collecting overwhelming amounts of logs, events and network traffic, plus adding pressure to expand to new data types due to advanced threats. Success comes with 24/7 ‘eyes on glass’ attention chasing down false positives to find the one needle in the haystack.
2. Re-imaging Systems for Malware Clean-up – Targeted attacks, spear phishing and social intelligent lures, plus drive-by malware downloads are forcing IT security teams to re-image user laptops and desktops at alarming rates. While user education may help reduce rates of infection, cyber crime continues to succeed making clean-up efforts a grind for both users and IT security.
3. Creating Unique Policy Controls – Special rules for the boss or company leaders, or the lack of any controls, really grinds IT security. The everyday workers live in a world of filters, controls and defenses for protection while the executive suite surfs open on the web. No wonder they are easy targets for cybercrime.
4. Image Updates & Roll-backs – Nothing more fun than making untested image updates to routers and switches to find out later they need to roll-back. The same applies to security devices where some can be a complete rebuild taking hours per device. In a perfect world, all devices have automated roll-forward and roll-back features, however this is far from reality for IT security.
5. Asset Discovery/Inventory – Sounds strange, however most IT security teams do not have a timely inventory of devices, systems and apps in their network. The process can be a manual grind using archaic tools and various data sources for IT security teams. This topic also ranks in the top-four Critical Security Controls for good reason.

What is your worst IT security job? We would like to hear about it as these items are opportunities for new security services such as those from Arctic Wolf.

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