DDoS attacks affect companies for days, weeks

May 5, 2015 Arctic Wolf Networks

As we continue to move forward in 2015, distributed-denial-of-service attacks are a huge concern for organizations across the globe. A 2014 survey found DDoS attacks can cause prolonged disruptions, with 20 percent of companies surveyed indicating attacks levied against them lasted days or even weeks. The survey also reported 13 percent of companies experienced a total failure of a resource.

According to Tech Central, there are various online tools cybercriminals can download to launch DDoS attacks. Often, these attacks are perpetrated through the use of a botnet, which is a group of machines that transmit infected information to other computers on the Internet. It can be relatively inexpensive for a cybercriminal to rent a botnet – as low as $50 a day – whereas conversely, the average cost to a small business from a botnet attack is $52,000. Those costs could be the result of lost transactions and disgruntled clients, maintenance to be undertaken on affected machines and failure of a site to load during an attack.

Along with DDoS attacks, advanced persistent threats also weigh heavily on companies’ minds. A different survey conducted by ISACA reported 92 percent of global IT professionals said APTs are a serious threat.

With managed SIEM services and continuous monitoring, companies have continual monitoring of their data and systems. Unlike firewalls and antivirus software that provide perimeter-based protections but tend to fail, a managed SIEM solution based on big data security keeps an eye on the data from the inside and decreases the time required to detect and deal with an attack.

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