Cyberthreats: The Great Equalizer

December 12, 2018 Arctic Wolf Networks

Cyberthreats have evolved significantly over the last decade. As security providers refined their perimeter prevention tools to use signature-based controls, attackers evolved their tactics, techniques and procedures to bypass these controls. Today’s cybercriminals no longer seek attention and publicity but are motivated by financial gain. They employ a variety of methods such as ransomware, phishing and brute-force attacks to gain entry to sensitive data in your corporate network.

No organization is safe, no matter what industry, no matter how large or small. Cyberthreats don’t discriminate. While large enterprises have strong security controls in place and often enjoy strong security postures, small to medium enterprises (SMEs) typically don’t. Yet, SMEs also have valuable data and, accordingly, have become valued targets. Once inside a network, attackers can generally stay undetected much longer than they do in larger corporate networks.

Many SMEs Find Themselves with the Following Cybersecurity Challenges:

Limited IT budgets—Most small to medium enterprises lack the access to the most advanced security technology that large enterprises are able to employ.

Cybersecurity skills shortage—Cybersecurity expertise is hard to find, which makes prospective security talent very expensive to hire. What’s more, truly effective security generally requires a team of several dedicated staff.

Growing attack surface—Companies’ IT environments continue to grow. As the mobility of today’s workforce increases, companies must protect against threats targeting their on-premises infrastructure and corporate cloud-based applications. This has allowed the attack surface to grow exponentially. The good news is that tech providers are evolving their offerings to make high-end security solutions available and affordable for the SME market.

Since cyberthreats don’t discriminate, and target organizations of every size, they’ve become “the great equalizer” as the impetus to avail advanced security capabilities beyond the exclusive domain of large enterprises. See why managed security service providers and cloud-based security operations center (SOC)-as-a-service solutions are viable options for IT organizations and today’s SMEs, as they look for help in areas related to threat detection and response capabilities.


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