Cloud Security Posture Management for GCP

February 14, 2021
More than 94% of all organizations rely on at least one public cloud to host their applications and business systems. That’s why cloud infrastructure provides a lucrative and interesting attack surface for bad actors—and why more than 44% of security threats begin in the cloud.  
Cloud threats take advantage of the fact that most organizations don’t have the broad visibility necessary to take inventory of their cloud systems or discover risks in their cloud infrastructure environments, nor are they able to optimize their configurations to harden their posture and comply with regulations.  
To address this, organizations should adopt Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) for their cloud infrastructure. 

What is CSPM?

CSPM is a continuous process of cloud configuration monitoring and adaptation to reduce the likelihood of a successful attack. It includes use cases for compliance monitoring, DevOps integration, incident response, risk assessment, and risk visualization.  

Let Arctic Wolf Protect Your Cloud Environment

The Arctic Wolf® product team is excited to announce Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) for your GCP cloud infrastructure environments. Arctic Wolf CSPM is now available for AWS, Azure, and GCP, offering comprehensive coverage of major IaaS platforms.

Part of Arctic Wolf® Managed Cloud Monitoring and delivered through the Arctic Wolf® Managed Risk solution, CSPM scans IaaS environments against a broad set of generally accepted cloud configuration benchmarks to provide:

  • Cloud Inventory Reporting: Provides a complete inventory and categorization of all assets found within the cloud environment for auditing, monitoring, and executive reporting purposes. 
  • Cloud Environment Benchmarking: Assigns a cloud environment risk score to quantify how your environment compares to generally accepted cloud configuration benchmarks. 
  • Posture Hardening Recommendations:  Your Arctic Wolf security operations expert gives you rich context and remediation recommendations to close vulnerability gaps and harden your posture. 
Here’s an example of the top CSPM misconfigurations Arctic Wolf has discovered in our customers’ AWS environments: 
Cloud Security Posture Management AWS Summary with data on Risks, Region Breakdown, Risk Analysis, and Risks by Resource Type
Now Available: Cloud Security Posture Management is available immediately to Arctic Wolf Managed Risk customers who have AWS, Azure, or GCP environments.
LEARN MORE about how Arctic Wolf Managed Risk and Managed Cloud Monitoring can help protect your organization. 
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