Bebe Stores Inc. first holiday data breach casualty

December 5, 2014 Arctic Wolf Networks

The first breach of the holiday season has officially been reported. Women’s clothing chain Bebe Stores Inc. confirmed this week that it had fallen victim to a breach that lasted for several weeks in November. The breach resulted in hackers making off with customer payment card data, including names, account numbers, card expiration dates and verification codes.

According to the company, only customers who used their credit cards in physical stores within the U.S. were affected and those who shopped online are not at risk. Bebe operates more than 200 retail and outlet stores in North America, according to Reuters.

After detecting suspicious activity on their network, Bebe hired a security firm to locate the problem and stop the attack. While the company revealed that the intrusion occurred between Nov.8 and Nov.26, it has yet to share how widespread its effects were or how many shoppers may have been involved.

Security blogger Brian Krebs broke the story on his blog, Krebs​ on Security, reporting that multiple banks identified patterns of fraudulent activity on cards that had been used at Bebe stores. One bank Krebs spoke to even found numerous cards used at Bebe for sale as part of a batch of new card numbers available in an underground market.

Data breaches can cost company’s big

Bebe’s stock price hasn’t been doing well this year, falling by more than half over the last nine months, CNET reported. News of the breach didn’t help to raise shares any, with the company closing on the Nasdaq on Thursday at $2.73. The financial ramifications of a data breach have never been more devastating, and the damage that can be done to a company’s reputation after suffering a data breach can create even more revenue loss. All it takes is one hack for customers to stop shopping at a store, so it is critical that businesses employ reliable security services before it’s too late.

Security information and event management services help enterprises keep an eye on their networks and detect any suspicious behavior. While it took Bebe weeks to notice anything was amiss in its network, a managed SIEM service continuously monitors activity to identify suspicious behavior as soon as it occurs. Concierge SIEM services are the most reliable way to stay on top of network activity, providing peace of mind to businesses in during one of the most hectic times of the year.

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