Air Force launches new cybersecurity task force

April 10, 2015 Arctic Wolf Networks

The United States Air Force has announced the introduction of a new task force that will specifically aim to improve cybersecurity. Chief of Staff of the Air Force General Mark A. Welsh III brought the Task Force Cyber Secure into existence on March 20.

Lt. Gen. Bill Bender, Secretary of the Air Force chief of information dominance and chief information officer, boiled the task force's current objectives down to three main points. 

"The task force will diagnose the extent of the cyber threat and the vulnerabilities that currently impact our core missions and will plan to develop a risk management plan that will allow the Air Force to fly, fight and win in a cyber-contested environment," Bender said. "Finally, the task force will recommend investment priorities to the SECAF and CSAF for how best to address the cybersecurity challenges."

The plan is for the Task Force Cyber Secure to be in place until, at least, the fiscal year of 2017 and beyond if all goes well.

While Bender claimed that this task force only answers 20 percent of modern day cybersecurity concerns, the other 80 percent of improving cybersecurity falls on businesses in the enterprise sector to make sure that they're instilling practices that are conducive to a safe cyber environment. Taking the necessary steps to prevent hacks is only part of the battle, making sure that one can be identified immediately handles accordingly once it occurs is another.

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