A Better Way – Concierge SIEM™

February 11, 2014 Arctic Wolf Networks

In a resource-constrained IT environment, the holy grail is getting actionable security intelligence with minimal in-house effort while simultaneously lowering risk and protecting resources. Currently, IT professionals face the challenge of re-imaging systems day after day, which becomes futile in the war against malware, advanced threats and social profiled attacks. They also face the challenge of battling unknown infections with call-home communications or the next exploitable vulnerability made easier via automation hidden from our view. Arctic Wolf Concierge SIEM™ is an optimal solution to obstacles like these.

Of course, the devil is in the details, but analyzing the details has been the major challenge. SIEMs (Security Information and Event Management) have long held the promise of correlating logs, events and details to expose hidden value critical to our security profile. What many SIEM users have discovered, however, are the headaches of collecting the various data sources from separate silos, normalizing the data for use, and then mining it with complex queries, often with performance challenges.

Solving these challenges is not a matter of larger hardware appliances, virtual machines images, or cloud hosting as a service. The solution requires security expertise and knowing what to query for and what to notice in report views and visualizations. In this game, the human mind remains superior to machine analysis to detect suspicious events and anomalies. What IT professionals truly desire is actionable security intelligence without the complexity of a SIEM environment or the capital outlay to get started.

Enter the Arctic Wolf Concierge SIEM™ – a better and more intelligent way to solve the problem. From a trial to continuous use there is no capital outlay and nothing to maintain and administer. The solution collects and analyzes your data to present actionable intelligence from security engineers focused on your network. By combining the human experts with security data and an advanced cloud platform, all the critical parts come together with synergistic benefits.

Like the human immune system, our networks live in a perpetual state of attack. When ill, we seek the expertise of doctors with the latest medical knowledge and tools to help us. Even better is preventative health practices to lower our risk of infection. The same combination of expertise, knowledge and tools come together with Concierge SIEM™ to provide healthcare to our networks. All the value we desire without the noise.

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