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Security Operations Annual Report

When it comes to cybersecurity, every year new technologies, vendors, and solutions emerge—each one claiming to be the final piece of the puzzle. But we know that’s not true.  

Despite years of constant innovation, high-profile breaches continue to make headlines. Every organization knows they need better security to stand strong against today’s growing threat landscape, but for most, it’s no small task. The number of tools available has left resource-constrained IT and security leaders overwhelmed and wondering how to move forward.  

And while every year has seen an increase in the number of cyberattacks, 2020 has left security teams everywhere scrambling to secure their environments—one now built upon a newly remote workforce, including the security team itself.  

There has been a 429 percent increase in the number of corporate credentials exposed on the dark web.

At Arctic Wolf, we believe the world needs security operations, so we have built a company to do this. It’s also why we’ve created The Security Operations Report.  

This inaugural report quantifies the security operations trends and themes currently shaping our security world. Gathered by data from the Arctic Wolf® Platform, along with real-world customer experiences, we’ve presented key security operations findings and insights drawn directly from the environments we’ve protected.  

Learn about key security trends and find advice on how to advance your own security operations capabilities, along with information on: 

  • Seven key themes of today’s modern threat landscape
  • How to ensure your cloud environment is “locked down”  
  • The six characteristics you need to establish a world-class security operations organization 
  • The time of day when cyberattacks are most likely to occur
  • The most common high-risk CSPM misconfigurations uncovered by our Concierge Security Team
  • The industry that’s been hit the hardest since the start of COVID-19
  • What you can do to remain vigilant in the face of growing attacks  

Discover unique research and findings, industry best practices, and guidance on how to harden your environment with The Arctic Wolf Security Operations Report

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