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A SANS 2021 Survey: Security Operations Center (SOC)

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SANS has conducted the security operations center (SOC) survey for five years running. And this year’s report again provides valuable insight to SOC leaders and other professionals.

For 2021, SANS produced a long questionnaire and followed up with respondents for more details to certain questions. The report offers SOC managers, team leads, vendors, and industry analysts an opportunity to gaze into what their industry peers are doing, so they can gain insight into the latest trends and concerns.

The report is organized into several sections. Opening sections include an executive summary, detailed demographics, and key findings. Later sections provide information on SOC capabilities, staffing, technology, funding, and deployment strategies. The report concludes with survey challenges and a summary.

In the guide, you’ll get insight into:

  • The greatest challenge to leveraging SOC capabilities across an organization
  • Data on total internal SOC staffing levels
  • The models organizations use to determine their SOC needs
  • The SOC activities typically outsourced to third-party vendors
  • Traits included in security monitoring activities
  • How SOC infrastructures may change over the next 12 months