Real Time Alerting

Real-time alerting without the noise.

Every alert you receive will have been extensively researched and vetted by your Concierge Security Engineer (CSE), who intimately understands your environment. When you get an alert from your CSE, rest assured that it is something you actually need to act upon. 

Arctic Wolf excels at real-time threat detection and alerting. Data from your network is processed by Arctic Wolf’s Hybrid Artificial Intelligence (AI) and presented to your CSE in seconds. Independent research has shown that Hybrid AI system is the most effective system for identifying threats, as it increases detection accuracy tenfold. 

Benefits of Real-Time Alerting:

  • 24×7 alerting for continuous monitoring
  • Triage and forensics conducted by your CSE for every alert
  • Alerts for known malware and attacks, e.g., ransomware
  • Customized alerts implemented by your CSE to meet your security requirements
  • Near-zero false positives, eliminating alert fatigue



SANS Review Brief

Gartner MDR Report

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