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Why a SOC Is Crucial for Centralized Security Monitoring

In a previous blog post, we noted that SIEM solutions are ineffective for hybrid IT environments that contain on-premises and cloud-based (e.g., SaaS) resources. However, a piecemeal approach to cybersecurity (one framework for cloud, one for on-prem software) is equally ineffective, but for a different reason.

Cybersecurity in Silos

Like any business process, siloing various facets of your security operations can lead to oversights and inefficiencies that introduce risk, waste money, and inhibit the best possible outcome.

Effective cyberthreat detection depends on the aggregation and correlation of log data from many vital components that comprise an organization’s network. However, endpoint intrusion detection systems, on-premises application firewalls, and a cloud’s native security features generate alerts independently of one another. In this sense, they’re only protecting specific pockets of your network. There is little to no coordination between them, which makes event correlation impossible. It also means you can’t undertake the deep analysis necessary to detect anomalous activity and threatening patterns across your network.

Effective cyberthreat detection requires advanced correlation of many network events.Effective cyberthreat detection requires advanced correlation of many network events

Centralized Cybersecurity Starts with a SOC

Large enterprises achieve comprehensive threat detection and response by operating an in-house, 24/7 security operations center (SOC). Granted, we’re talking about a SOC that aggregates a multitude of log sources and provides deep analysis of events to detect subtle but telling indicators of compromise. This requires advanced technologies and around-the-clock staffing of security analysts and incident responders.

That said, just as SaaS had made it possible to deploy otherwise cost-prohibitive applications, SOC-as-a-service lets small to midsize enterprises access a full-service, 24/7 SOC at a fraction of the cost that enterprises pay for the same set of resources in-house. The result is comprehensive, cost-effective cybersecurity. For more, download the white paper.