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How to Deal with C-Suite and Boardroom Concerns About Cybersecurity

Low overhead, fast implementation, predictable pricing, remote access and scalability make software-as-a-service an attractive offer for business decision makers at small and midsize enterprises.

However, there is still one feature of SaaS that many executives get hung up on: Existing security policies are not always enforceable for SaaS applications that fundamentally reshape network perimeters. This often leaves the C-suite or boardroom worried about whether they have the means to satisfy regulatory compliance mandates. IT staff, meanwhile, find themselves in a position of having to persuade executives that they can simultaneously protect on-premises and SaaS applications.

Executives consequently find themselves in a bit of a pickle: They want SaaS, but they need it to be compliant, and they need confidence in their abilities to detect and contain cyberthreats in a hybrid IT environment.

Assuring the C-Suite with SOC-as-a-Service

“SOCaaS provides 24/7/365 threat detection and response for hybrid networks.”

In practice, the C-suite is looking for a centralized security framework that can handle threat detection and response across cloud and on-premise resources. And no, that isn’t asking too much. A managed security operations center (SOC) provides that unified framework, merging on-premises and cloud log sources into a central console, where network-wide events and alerts are continuously documented and analyzed for indicators of cyberthreats.

Like an enterprise SOC, SOC-as-a-service (or SOCaaS) provides 24/7/365 threat detection and response, as well as on-demand access to security analysts and incident responders around the clock. SOC-as-a-service also provides audit-ready evidence that the organization it serves has the appropriate security measures in place. Executives therefore have complete visibility into their current state of compliance across the entirety of their IT environment.

As for the cost, SOC-as-a-service, like most cloud services, is a subscription-based pricing model. Costs are predictable and easily scoped out, and deployment is quick and easy.

To learn more about how SOC-as-a-service can give executives peace of mind, download our free white paper about cloud security.