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DIY SOC or SOC-as-a-Service? A TCO Analysis by Frost & Sullivan

To combat today’s threats, companies of every size need a security operations center (SOC) to ensure their organizations stay safe. Unfortunately, SOCs are very costly and require expensive technology and a team of engineers with security expertise.

Leading consultancy Frost & Sullivan conducted a three-year cost comparison between building an internal SOC (a DIY SOC) or buying a SOC-as-a-service, in this case Arctic Wolf’s AWN CyberSOC™ service. Regardless of their size, organizations save big with SOC-as-a-service, especially SMBs. Just have a look at the following figures:

The report details the costs associated with:

As the report explains, Arctic Wolf’s SOC-as-a-service includes Concierge Security™ teams of all the security analysts, engineers and managers a SOC requires. The AWN CyberSOC service leverages a cloud-based SIEM with the latest threat intelligence feeds, and also includes vulnerability scanning as well as additional capabilities.

With savings up to 9x, Arctic Wolf’s SOC-as-a-service model is the smart move for many SMEs looking for comprehensive cybersecurity.  To learn more, download the full Frost & Sullivan TCO report.