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Marriott Breach Exposes 500 Million Guest Records: Preliminary Lessons

On Friday, Marriott International announced its Starwood reservation system’s database had been hacked and personal details from up to 500 million guest records were compromised.

Seven Minutes in the Life of a File

When business processes move to the cloud, the network perimeter extends into the virtual realm and quickly disappears.

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Incoming Cyber Risk: How Your Contractors Can Undermine Your Security

When you think about it, it’s not surprising that contractors pose one of the biggest risks to your organization’s security.

The Equifax situation has gone from bad to worse.

What Equifax Teaches Us About Threat Detection and Response

The Equifax hack underscores the importance of strong threat detection and response.

Not everything is what it seems.

War Stories, Part 3: Foul Play or False Alarm?

Are you making mountains out of molehills?

War Stories, Part 2: Cutting the Phishing Lines

War Stories, Part 2: Cutting the Phishing Lines Phishing is becoming more sophisticated and personalized. In the past, would-be phishing victims often received generic emails instructing them to sign a contract or take action to renew their expired credit cards. But now, a campaign might be continually refined so that it targets a single person,Read more

War Stories, Part 1: Cyber Sentinels On-Call 24/7

War Stories, Part 1: Cyber Sentinels On-Call 24/7 Look away for just one second, and you risk infection. This was a key piece of wisdom provided by Sam McLane, head of security engineering at Arctic Wolf Networks, during a recent webinar titled “War stories from the trenches – case studies from a security ops perspective.”Read more