Frost & Sullivan Report Highlights Increasing SOC Adoption

Many businesses are recognizing the need for a security operations center (SOC), which combines the right people, processes and technology to help companies effectively identify and respond to growing threats.

Transforming Cybersecurity at Scale: The Federal Government Turns to SOC-as-a-Service

“Agencies should take time to scope down processes, and gain a complete understanding of their data, services, and security capabilities to better manage security operations.”

A leading SOCaaS provider delivers affordable cybersecurity that cannot be beat.

Examining SOC-as-a-Service: Advanced Threat Detection and Response

SMEs need a SOCaaS provider that delivers predictably priced, cutting-edge threat detection and response.

Soc-as-a-service is an invaluable security resource for SMEs.

SOC-as-a-Service: What You Need to Know

Learn how SOC-as-a-service fills a critical cybersecurity void for SMEs in a menacing threat landscape. 

CUNA Contemplation: Credit Unions Talking Cybersecurity

The Credit Union National Association (CUNA) Technology Council in San Francisco drew over 600 credit union technologists across the US last week.

Seven Minutes in the Life of a File

When business processes move to the cloud, the network perimeter extends into the virtual realm and quickly disappears.

Every managed service has its strongpoints and limitations.

Explore Your Outsourcing Options: MSP, MSSP and MDR

Learn about the key differences between MSPs, MSSPs and MDR providers. 

Find out which SOC makes the most sense for your business.

An Overview of the Different SOC Models

What’s the best choice of SOC model for SMEs?

The Most Popular SIEM Starter Use Cases for 2018

Small to midsize enterprises need 24×7 monitoring, threat detection and response, but they don’t need to do the work of establishing and maintaining a SIEM.

The SOC is the command center for SME cybersecurity.

Welcome to the Security Operations Center (SOC)

These people, processes and technologies represent the core components of the security operations center (SOC).