Cybersecurity 101: Basic Terminology You Need to Know

Here are answers to 10 commonly asked questions about cybersecurity terms to help you get started.

Netflix Researchers Discovered 4 Vulnerabilities that Could Cause Chaos in Data Centers

Researchers of the popular TV and movie streaming service Netflix have identified and resolved four major Linux and FreeBSD vulnerabilities.

A Chrome Extension Vulnerability Exposed 4.6 Million Evernote Users to Potential Cyberattacks

A cross-site scripting vulnerability in Evernote’s Web Clipper Chrome extension gave hackers an entryway to active sessions of other websites in the same browser.

New Supreme Court Ruling Has Major Implications on Corporate Data Breaches

Data breaches now bear major legal ramifications due to a spring Supreme Court ruling in a Zappos class action lawsuit.

The 2019 Cyberthreat Defense Report Answers the Big Questions in Cybersecurity Today  

The 2019 Cyberthreat Defense Report lets you know where there are gaps in your cyberthreat defenses relative to other organizations

Like many other forms of ransomware, WannaCry encrypted its stolen files.

Ransomware attacks will persist even though WannaCry has died down

WannaCry was arguably the most famous ransomware attack ever, but we should focus on its influence on other threats going forward.

The NIST Small Business Cybersecurity Act will help SMBs more effectively manage cyber risk.

What you need to know about NIST Small Business Cybersecurity Act

Small and medium-sized businesses are in hackers’ sights.

Security Trends 2017

Security Trends 2017: What to Expect for the Mid-Market

As 2016 recedes into the past, the tide of 2017 will bring in a treasure trove of new trends, some good, some not so good.

The need for better cybersecurity in education has become apparent

Hackers are hitting educational institutions left and right, and they have been for quite some time. 

Amount of malware using legitimate digital certificates increasing

One of the most popular ways for malicious actors to get their malware past security solutions is to use legitimate certificates to sign the software.