SOC-as-as-Service Brings Key Advantages for HIPAA Compliance

In 2018, the HHS Office of Civil Rights (OCR) set an all-time record year as far as HIPAA enforcement goes, meting out $28.7 million in fines.

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Choose the Right Tools to Protect Your Healthcare Infrastructure

Managed solutions are a cost-effective alternative that provides hospitals and other healthcare providers with advanced threat detection and response tools, along with 24/7 monitoring

How to Systematically Manage Risks in Healthcare Cybersecurity

Protecting what you can’t see is like prescribing medication without a patient diagnosis. It doesn’t work — and it’s dangerous.

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IoT in ICU

Hospitals: Are You Prepared for IoT in the ICU?

Medical device hijacking is a serious problem that needs to be addressed sooner than later. 

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Health care organizations need to avoid the following three actions.

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Health care organizations are facing a new kind of data breach, and it’s one that preventive cybersecurity can’t solve.