Do You Know What’s on Your Network?

While you might keep regular office hours, hackers are at work 24 hours a day.

How to Systematically Manage Risks in Healthcare Cybersecurity

Protecting what you can’t see is like prescribing medication without a patient diagnosis. It doesn’t work — and it’s dangerous.

Cloud security should not be treated like a separate entity from on-prem security.

Why a SOC Is Crucial for Centralized Security Monitoring

Effective cyberthreat detection depends on aggregation and correlation of log data from many vital components that comprise an organization’s network.

Debunking Cybersecurity Myths: Part II—Sorry, the Cloud Won’t Save Us

We now move from age-old to brand-new in this episode and address the growing misconception around an increasing shift to cloud services.

A good incident response team can take appropriate action in real time.

Incident Responders: The Vital Aspect of Cybersecurity Most Organizations Lack

Treating incident response like a continuous process is cost-effective and can yield significant long-term savings.

SaaS offerings have more or less obviated traditional SIEM solutions.

Securing the Cloud: Why SIEM Is Not Right for SaaS Security

How SaaS flipped SIEM on its head, and what you can do about it. 

Keep your data safe from the inside threat.

Data Loss in the Cloud: Securing Information Across SaaS, On-Prem Environments

Not all cyberthreats originate from outside the organization. Sometimes, your employees are your own worst enemy. 

What happens in the cloud doesn't stay in the cloud; it spreads laterally and infects all integrated systems.

Tackling Unauthorized Access in Cloud-Based SaaS Applications

It’s not your SaaS provider’s job to keep you aware of potential cases of unauthorized account access. It’s yours. 

Seven Minutes in the Life of a File

When business processes move to the cloud, the network perimeter extends into the virtual realm and quickly disappears.

SaaS security needs to be an imperative for all businesses.

Why SaaS Security Must be a Business Priority

A managed SOC can help identify compromised SaaS accounts before they become serious.