Debunking Cybersecurity Myths: Part IV — No Target Too Small

You hear a lot about the biggest attacks because they make the biggest splash. But in reality, businesses of all sizes are constantly threatened and, yes, breached.

Arctic Wolf’s CEO Plays Nostradamus: Brian NeSmith’s Cybersecurity Predictions for 2019

So, what will 2019 bring? In a recent webinar, Arctic Wolf’s CEO Brian NeSmith offered key insights on the state of cybersecurity today and his predictions for 2019.

JW Marriot logo on device

Marriott Breach Exposes 500 Million Guest Records: Preliminary Lessons

On Friday, Marriott International announced its Starwood reservation system’s database had been hacked and personal details from up to 500 million guest records were compromised.

Transforming Cybersecurity at Scale: The Federal Government Turns to SOC-as-a-Service

“Agencies should take time to scope down processes, and gain a complete understanding of their data, services, and security capabilities to better manage security operations.”

What happens in the cloud doesn't stay in the cloud; it spreads laterally and infects all integrated systems.

Tackling Unauthorized Access in Cloud-Based SaaS Applications

It’s not your SaaS provider’s job to keep you aware of potential cases of unauthorized account access. It’s yours. 

Banking, Malware Mischief, and Managed Detection

The bank is currently involved in court action because its cyber insurance policy is not paying out as expected

When gaming isn't all fun and games ...

How Hackers Launder Money Through Video Games

Hackers’ use of video games to launder money from stolen credit cards is symptomatic of a bigger threat: compromised credentials. 

2 terabytes of data have been compromised, affecting as many as 340 million people.

Don’t Be the Next Exactis: How Your Firm Can Avoid a Damaging Data Breach

Exactis has exposed a projected 340 million records by storing them on a public-facing server.

Law Firms and Cyberthreats: Lawlessness in the Land of Law

Cyberattacks within the legal industry are becoming quite common. The 2017 Legal Technology Survey reported that 22% of surveyed law firm respondents suffered a security breach at their firm.

Why Businesses of All Sizes Are Now Targets of Cyberattacks

Based on Verizon’s research from 2018, 58% of victims of data breaches were categorized as small businesses, and most of these don’t get any media coverage.